10 creative 404 page not found pages you should inspired

When we visit website then some times its happen that it display the page not found and it impact bad effect to the visitor of that website. Website designer can prevent this bad effect by creating simple but creative 404 page according to their website. When its come to technology then mistakes can be happen. Sometimes when website page relocated or changed its path then user visit the website it display the 404 error page. Its can also impact on SEO and visitors mind due to 404 not found page.

creative 404 not found page

Error 404 or not found error message is standard HTTP response and that indicate server is responding but the page your looking not exist on that website. We can put specific page in that URL to prevent to user exit from web site.
General idea is to create elegant 404 not found with some other popular links of your website and best option is to put search bar so if page not found then visitor can search any thing from your website.

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Today I have make list of different type of 404 page which can improve your website not found page to the another conversion and visitor can rethink to go for another page.

List of cool & creative 404 not found pages

1) Ooops 404 Pages Pack

oops 404 not found creative page

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2) 404 not found game over page

404 not found game over page

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3) Mole 404 error pages

404 not found wrong way buddy page design


404 not found board type page design

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4) Scribble type 404 page not found

404 page not found scribble type


scribble type 404 page not found

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5) Milk Carton Responsive 404 Error Pages

milk carton responsive 404 error page

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6) Chalkboard 404 Error Page

Chalkboard 404 Error Page

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7) Socket 404 error page

scoket 404 error page

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8) Clean and Simple Character 404 Error

Clean and Simple Character 404 Error

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9) Stamp 404 Error Page

Stamp 404 Error Page

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10) Lost at Sea 404 Error Page

Lost at Sea 404 Error Page design

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