3 Things that Logo Designers Need to Know

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It brings on a myriad of challenges and hardships to the budding business owner. It’s like being in totally opposing situation form a 9-5 job where you have to manage your tasks and your team for that matter, but being an entrepreneur means you have to become an all-rounder where you will be required to manage things right from the business plan till the execution of your marketing strategy.

3 thing that logo designers need to know

Your logo designing to the distribution of your brochure and booklets along with any probable marketing effort that you might want to land into. So basically being an entrepreneur is a job that requires you to be the administration, human resources, marketing, law and production all at the same time.

The first and foremost step of being an entrepreneur is getting a logo designed for your business. a unique logo design is not only essential for your business’ corporate identity but its also required by you to let the customers know the reason of your existence along with the business industry you are operating in and your way forward. So, if you think that graphic/logo designing is something that you don’t need to understand, I will ask you to re-think.

In this article I have brought you some resources that are required by you as being your own logo designer or by your professional logo design service in Dubai.

1) Your software must have

When it comes to designing, Adobe offers the most creative products which is why they are also among the most used and popular software used by veteran designers themselves. Adobe Creative being the one. It offers a lot of excellent features like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver.

It’s like a complete web design and development pack at your service. You will need it to not only design your logos but also your other marketing collateral and for website development as well. The designing part is taken care of by the Photoshop and Illustrator whereas the development part is looked after by InDesign and Dreamweaver.

2) Images to convey messages

Actions speak louder than words and similarly images speak louder than content. Visuals and images not only provide life to your designs but also builds u that instant understanding about your business and your industry in just a snap. Images also makes your designs speak for themselves while inculcating the qualities of being remembered by your target market. In addition we offer web design, hosting and other digital services just visit Salterra Web Design Services.

3) Repeat for memorability

When you re-use the same elements of your logo design in other collateral designs, you actually create consistency. Consistency adds up to your memorability. This means you are required to have elements and colors of your logo distributed consistently over you other designs along with a consistent use of font, typography and visuals. So much so that it doesn’t exhaust the user and also doesn’t make your message gets lost in the clutter.


There can be numerous elements that an entrepreneur will require as he/she steps into the world of entrepreneurship. Designing and its tools are only something to begin with. But don’t worry if you are not too good at designing. You don’t really have to do it yourself, as there are logo design services in Dubai established for your assistance. Get in touch with one for a custom quote.

Saher Naseem

The blog has been penned by Saher Naseem @SaherNaseemD a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion. She is currently working as a brand strategist and content crafter at Dubai Monsters that is an independent Dubai web design agency, specialized in web design and web development, corporate branding and custom logo designing services.