5 Parallax Scrolling Examples With Plugin Free Source Code Download

Parallax scrolling is one type of scrolling technique in terms of web design in which backgrounds images move according to the scroll, some images move around other object, some images has 2D transformation effects and transition effects. Parallax scrolling is very useful for unique and one page website design to attract the user with its smooth scrolling effects. Parallax scrolling is also used in 2d HTML5 games for background and objects movements overlaying.

If any one interested and want to find the more details parallax definition then it can be found on the Wikipedia website. see more What is exactly parallax scrolling ? Here i am writing the some basic but good free Jquery parallax plugins with example which can be helpful to understand about parallax scrolling and create awesome website. Some of the Parallax scrolling use the Jquery Animation for smooth scrolling and other transition effects.

1) Wagerfield Parallax Js


WagerField Parallax Engine  Example

Parallax-js is a lightweight and simple plugin or engine. Parallax Engine reacts to the orientation of a smart device.
Parallax is used where motion detection hardware is available and use the position of the cursor. Number of behaviors can be setup for any Parallax instance. Constructor and API used to specify in the markup via data attributes using java script.

View Example  Download on Github

2) Alumbo Jquery Parallax Scroll

Alumbo Jquery Parallax Scroll  Example

Alumbo parallax is smooth parallax that behave on vertical page scrolling using the requestAnimationFrame.
Alumbo parallax uses the CSS3 3D transitions. It supports all latest browser of chrome, Firefox and safari.
Complete tutorial given how to use with multiple animation and by examples.

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3) Stephband Jquery Parallax

Stephband Jquery Parallax Scroll  Example

Stephband Jquery Parallax known as jParallax plugin works on layers and that turns nodes into absolutely positioned layers. jParallax moves the background images and objects in response to the mouse. jParallax layers move at different rates in a parallax way and that depends on their dimensions.

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4) Pixelcog Parallax Js

Pixelcog Parallax Engine  Example

Pixelcog uses the Jquery parallax.js and its very simple scrolling effect plugin using Jquery. It has provided the basic document about how to implement the scrolling plugin.

View Example  Download on Github

5) Prinzhorn Skrollr

prinzhorn jquery Parallax with Skrollr

Prinzhorn Skrollr is a stand alone parallax scrolling library. It is useful for mobile on both platform android and iOS and desktop. Skrollr is designer friendly and it does not required any JavaScript skills needed. Skrollr uses plain CSS and HTML. Skrollr is much more than “just” parallax scrolling. It’s a full-fledged scrolling animation library.

View Example  Download on Github


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