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5 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with Your Ecommerce Website

1. A Beautiful Design of Online Store

First off, once you understand the use of the Indeni application, you need to make it sure if the website is attractive for customers. The design of your website matters a lot. It is so crucial that it affects the consumer’s buying behavior most of the times. If he finds the design of your website ugly, odds are good that he may simply click away. Three seconds is the maximum time for any visitor to make a purchase decision on any legal gambling online games.

The say “first impression is the last impression” fits perfectly here. Because if a customer doesn’t like your site’s design at first sight, he might not come and visit it again.

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2. Social Media Activity

Social media is a great medium to promote your brand without any cost. Obviously, when you tend to publish ads among networks, you have to pay for them, but the simple presence is free. And it gets a lot of benefits, for sure.

An exceptionally outstanding content is the key to success in social media. You have to be very interesting to gain people’s attention and make them follow you. If you manage to do so, you will have already found a great marketing channel for promotion at no financial expense. Now, the question that arises here is what you should actually do to attract customers using social media.

  • Post Regularly: At least, you must do postings on your social media header daily. It is very helpful in making customers remember your brand every time.
  • Engage Your Users: Engagement with target audience is necessary. You can ask questions to your customers, reply to their comments and queries, and try to get their attention. If you decide to make a gaming channel, then make sure to include these heroes in ow to make it even better.
  • Select the Best Channel for your Business: While creating a header or page for your brand on social media, it is advisable to go for the most effective ones. In this regard, Facebook and Pinterest are two great sources for driving traffic to online stores.
  • Use Graphics: it is recommended because visual posts usually get 50% more engagement than the others.

Social Media

3. Customer Care

Another thing that helps you attract as many customers as you want includes “customer care.” don’t forget that there will be no promotion until your customer is satisfied. Make efforts to provide customers with outstanding and remarkable buying experience at your online store. It is stated in a Forrester research that 45% of consumers in US abandon an online transaction when their queries and concerns are not addressed immediately. It means that you have to use an online chat software for replying to all the comments and inquiries, and eventually attract clients. Quick and timely responses are the key to success in this matter.

It is advisable to never underestimate the impact of customer care in building your brand. It is essential to perceive positive customer experiences to make up for the negative ones. Make sure to be nice, competent, and helpful for satisfying your customer with the service that your provide. Eventually, you will not be able to retain customers only, but take maximum advantage of word of mouth marketing as well.

Customer Care

4. Promos

Who doesn’t like promos and discounts? By saying so, we usually don’t mean those traditional $5 off on each purchase that makes us happy. It is only a psychological mechanism that is responsible for such feelings. It is certain that the word “free” makes us irrationally exciting, and which stimulates association with positive emotions.

Again the question here is, how to use it in your online store for attracting clients? One option to which is free shipping; it encourages customers to buy more items than they had already planned. While another way is the distribution of discount coupons. In this way, you can attract as much new clients as possible by offering them a meaningful discount at their first purchase. more, the retention of old customers is also important with some attractive offers like “30% off on second purchase” and “Buy 2, get third free.” it will definitely make your client feel special and stimulate them to make maximum purchases in your online store.

5. Email Marketing

After social media marketing, email marketing is another cheap yet effective solution to attract customers. Some branding surveys have demonstrated that more than 50% people have positive attitude towards companies which send them emails. Moreover, they remember such companies while shopping as well. Hence, the results of email marketing are surely success.

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