8 Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Logo Design

Logo is the first thing you see on products or services. It isn’t just an accidental symbol of a company. Logo has to convey an effective business message, and to send right signals to the target audience in order to create a brand image and get a constant queue of customers.


Here are the frequent mistakes that you can avoid when creating logo design:

1. Following trends

Logo design trends are short-lived. Plus, thousands of designers have already copied them. So, be aware of trends and avoid them at all cost. You can visit logo design sites to find out trending designs and stay away from them in your logos. Instead, create designs that will look awesome in centuries to come.

2. Choosing color

What can be completely wrong at this stage?

  • Using to many colors.
  • Using colors that don’t transfer to black-n-white.
  • Using colors that don’t get through the true message.

So, don’t forget about the psychology of color. Make choosing color for the design your last decision. Start your work in black and white.

3. Using raster images

The main problem with raster images is that they can be distorted when zoomed to bigger sizes. Instead, use vector graphics software (Corel Draw and Abode Illustrator). Vector graphics allows scaling to any size. You do want your logos to look great in any situation.

4. Being a Copy Cat

The number one rule is to be unique, creative and original. You need your logo to stand out and be memorable. It shouldn’t remind your clients of something else.

Copying someone else’s ideas is dishonest. Even if you just reduplicate what another designer made, sooner or later someone is going to see it. And, when the owner of the original design finds that out, you could be in serious legal trouble.

5. Using stock art

Another shameless mistake is to use stock images, probably for the lack of funds. Since they’ve been used thousands of times before your logo will look unprofessional.

Successful designers steer clear of visually poor stock photos. Create your own pictures and clients will definitely appreciate this.

6. Creating complex logos

If you think that a complex logo can make an impression on your clients that you are making a huge mistake! Simple logos:

  • allow your target audience to grab the message easily;
  • look great in any size and printed on different surfaces;
  • tend to be more memorable.

Simplicity is your way to go!

7. Making typography mistakes

Font is equally important as vector images and color. Therefore, it has to make sense and look good. Ensure your font goes well with the rest of the logo and communicates the right message.

Inappropriate spacing, recognizable faults, complicated fonts, extremely thin fonts, or too many fonts just don’t go well.

8. Not communicating with clients

Always remember that you are designing for your client who knows his brand and target audience. So, listen to him and attend to his needs. Discuss ideas, explain what you are trying to fulfill, and be ready to receive criticism.

To conclude, your logo design must be one-of-a-kind in this highly competitive world. Avoid such mistakes in creating your logo, and boast exclusive designs that will grab attention of the audience instantly.

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Brian Jens always keeps abreast of design trends and tendencies. But not just to be on the crest of a wave: Brian is a researcher at DesignContest – one of the best crowdsourcing platforms. If you don’t believe, please visit the poster’s website. Welcome!