8 Effective Tips and Tricks to Feature Rich Website Designs

Any website aims to lure, entice and invite online visitors towards a sale. By forming an archway to entertain, inform and take onboard, a website plays the most crucial role of revenue generation in a business development cycle.

In order to assess the power to conquer the online world of a website, speed, quality of content, design and usability plays major roles. All of these elements when distributed uniformly on a website design not only improves performance but also maximizes revenue. But in order to let your website design perform at the optimal level, you must conform to some really important standards of website designing and provide a seamless user experience to the visitors. Here is a list of some most important factors you need to follow while creating a website design.

Informational content

A website design is more than an eye candy. Unique, original and informative should be the three most important characteristics of your website content. It is because the type of content you share with your audience, attracts them and converts them into buyers for one time or repeated purchases. A well formatted, useful content not only attracts your online visitor’s attention but with the use of proper punctuations, heading and sub-headings, you also make it easier for the users to understand your products features and specimens. Basically, a persuasive web content satisfies the expectations of the user by providing value and interesting facts that future proves the relevancy of your product into their lives.

Responsive website design

Nearly, one quarter of the online searches made for any particular product are made through mobile phone devices. By witnessing the huge influx of buyers that are doing the shopping through the mobile phones, the term responsive website designs get coined. A satisfying website experience persuades the users to return and possibly make repeated sales. This is where responsive website designs really help. A responsive website designs adjust itself according to the device screen size its displaying without compromising on the quality of the design or the features. A responsive website design is hence the most preferred choice of every designer and website design companies in Dubai so that their customers could make the most out of them and return to them for more.

Page load time

Webpage load time is an important part of user experience. Out of all the fancy that you want to add to your website design, page load time is an important one, as a page load time actually help the customers decide on whether they should stay on your page or not? According to a latest survey, online customers tend to turn away if a webpage fails to load in mere 10 seconds, completely. A quick page speed ensures your visitors to get a glimpse of your content. Remember, the more people see your website, the more they are likely to get converted into visitors.

Use of CMS

Content Management Systems aka CMS are widely in use to create websites with interactive features. We suggest all the budding business owners to incorporate a CMS in their website designs so that their users can experience out of the box creativity and seamlessly performing websites. the good part about a CMS is that it doesn’t requires you to be deeply technical to integrate one into your website. CMS are really easy to use and allows the business owners to create, delete and update webpage with new content and images by themselves only no need to take help from a technical web developer. Cool eh!

Simple navigation

Navigation in website design plays a crucial role in determining the website’s usability and success factor. An easily accessible web navigation translates into more engaged users by offering them a chance to go through the website’s main contents in just a flash. They could then click and land on a specific page featuring information about a particular product of their choice.

Social media icons

Whether you are creating an online store or a blog, the incorporation of social media icons is the trendiest approach to follow. Having a social following can help your site look legitimate in the eyes of users. By having social share buttons on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can share your posts and other related information and gain more popularity amongst users and fans.

Use a background video

A custom made video imbedded in the background of your website’s homepage design works wonders in creating incremental user engagement and provides a quick communication medium for your product offerings. Incorporating background videos is also one of the emerging trends of website designing in recent years. It allows your target market to quickly understand what do you have to offer to them while making an emotional connection with the brand almost instantly. The results have also shown that website designs that have a background video faces a 25% less visitor bounce rate than the ones that doesn’t.

Simple contact form

Contact forms are a great idea when a business wants to reconnect with their online visitors in order to brief about the service/product offering and to close a sale. It is one of the user friendly mode of making a connection with the customer through the web. But lengthy forms let the users sink into the wells of boredom and eventually leave the webpage without completing the desired action, thus a loss of a prospect occurs. In order to avoid the potential loss, website owners are advised to keep their contact form short and simple. Name, email/telephone number followed by the query the users have are the most important fields that should be there in your contact form. The rest you can ask verbally when you make a contact with your customer.

So these are the few important characteristics of feature-rich website designs. in order to get a detailed picture on what should be there in your business website design, get in touch with a professional website development company in Dubai and ask for a custom quote.

Saher Naseem

The blog has been penned by Saher Naseem @SaherNaseemD a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion. She is currently working as a brand strategist and content crafter at Dubai Monsters that is an independent Dubai web design agency, specialized in web design and web development, corporate branding and custom logo designing services.