First of all it is very important to know about the media server.

What is Media Server?

Media server is a one kind of server which will be installed on the any system. Media server simply stores the media content and sharer across the clients system.

Media server provide the facility to streaming the photos,video,audio, video conference, live broadcasting and the many user client communication. These different types medias are stored to the media server’s physical drive. This can be accessed to central location and it also allow the user to access it from the remote location over the internet.

To setup the media server it requires the only the any operation system which are capable to installed the different media server and to store the media and it can be accessible through the network connection with the good bandwidth.

Now i am listing here the best most used media server for the development and very popular.

1) Adobe – Flash Media Server


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Adobe Media Server software allow content publishers to deliver their HD quality video to the largest audience possible across any Internet-connected device, with a streamlined workflow.
It allows the developing for the video,audio streaming as well live broadcasting and to create the tv channel. This media server is very allows media streaming for the tablets, mobile devices, connected TVs, and desktops.

This has lots of the benefit but Adobe media server is not free so its required to purchase the media server and it will be costly. But It can be cheaper if we purchase the shared hosting from the third party sites like influxis and the Adobe and Amazon Web Services (aws).

Find the more details about the Adobe Flash Media server on adobe sites click here.

2) Wowza Media Server


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Wowza Media Server is media server software developed by Wowza Media Systems.
The server is used for streaming of live and on-demand video, audio IP networks to desktop, laptop, and tablet computers, mobile devices, internet-connected TV sets, and other network-connected devices.

Find the more details about the Wowza Media Server  on adobe sites click here.

3) Red5 Media Server



Red5 Media Server  delivers a powerful video streaming and multi-user solution to the other  Media  and other exciting client technologies. Based on Java and some of the most powerful open source frameworks, Red5 stands as a solid solution for business of all sizes including the enterprise.

By using the Open Source Red5 Media Server, you are developing with a truly open and extensible platform that can be used in Video Conferences, Multi-User Gaming and Enterprise Application Software.

Find the more details about the Red5 Media Server on adobe sites click here.

4) Serviio Media Server

Serviio is a free media server. There is also a paid for Pro edition which further enhances the possibilities of sharing content in your connected household.

It allows you to stream your media files (music, video or images) to rendered devices (e.g. a TV set, Blu-ray player, games console or mobile phone) on your connected home network.
Serviio works with many devices from your connected home (TV, Playstation 3, XBox 360, smart phones, tablets, etc.) their performances are compared here.

Find the more details about the Serviio Media Server on adobe sites click here.

5) PS3 Media Server

PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant Upnp Media Server for the PS3, written in Java, with the purpose of streaming or transcoding any kind of media files, with minimum configuration. It’s backed up with the powerful Mplayer/FFmpeg packages.

Find the more details about the PS3 Media Server on adobe sites click here.

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