Content curation is key part in the online marketing business and social media strategies. Online business content curation is the important for their brand marketing and specially for those who has the big audience and want to target the large amount customer using the content curation and choosing the quality of the content for their brands.

What is Content Curation?

The process of collecting content and filtering and organizing best content and displaying the best and relevant content to a particular topic or brand related content.

In other words, choosing and sorting out the best content from large amount of content on web and social media for their brands marketing. Content curation can be find either manually or automatically by using the Content Curation Tools available online.

Content curation can be obtained using the following method.

1) Collaborative Filtering

Check the popular social media community and find the content based on the votes given on that social media community like reddit and digg. This type of choosing curated content on the social media community is called the collaborative Filtering.

2) Semantic Analysis

The process of analytic on the various sources of information available in document and system compares the content from all the information sources topics. This type of analytic done by system like stumbleupon, likehack which break up the content according to the topic ,subtopic and category is called the Semantic Analysis.

3) Social Rating

The best curated content is collected by user recommendations and public rating or online polls system. Many social media website like Facebook, Twitter from which content curation become easy and efficient way.

To understand easily about the content curation I have created the simple info graphics about the content curation if you don’t read this article fully then you can clearly understand according to the following content curation info graphics.

Meaning of curated content or Content curation definition is the process of the sorting best content using any method for brands marketing and according to social media strategy. Content curation is the most important part into branding content and Social Media Marketing.

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