Create Your Own Game Using Html5 Game Engine or Frameworks

To play game its bit easy then to create the games. When you want to create your own game then lots of question arrived in your mind like

  • Which type game want to create?
  • How to crate the game?
  • Which is the best technology to create the game?



If you are developer then you can find the answer of all above question and can start creating your own game for android mobiles, iPhone, tablet or desktop but if you are normal person and just knowledge of computer and internet then how you can create your own game?

In this situation the following Html5 Game Engine website will help you to think about various game and create game and according your need you can choose the right game engine and platforms and many of them are free and open source. After you will build the game you can start make money by advertisement or integration good ads publishers into your game or application.

Best Open source framework or Engine to create your own Game

1) is free and open source html5 framework to create the game or apps for desktop and mobile platform. Phaser use the Canvas and WebGL library in its framework and good supports for the HTML5 browsers. Many code example and the tutorial available on the Phaser open source framework to build a html5 games for mobile and desktop.

Phaser a Html5 Open Source Game Framework

Phaser html5 Game framework download also available on the GitHub. Phaser is open source but they  also sell a wide range of books and plugins to support their development skills and using ready made code  make better games.


Kiwi  is also open source html5 Game framework. Kiwi is also called the wordpress of Html5 Game Engines and it easily allow design and build it your own game or apps for desktop and high display mobile platform.   Kiwi  is also open source html5 Game framework. Kiwi is also called the wordpress of Html5 Game Engines and it easily allow create and build it your own game or apps for desktop and high display mobile platform.


kiwi - Html5 Game Engine To Build Mobile Game


Kiwi game engine target both Canvas and WebGL library. Kiwi supports sprite sheets,texture atlases. Kiwi allow to make game for ios and android platform plus also allows to create apps for the chrome using the CocoonJS and Chrome Webstore. Kiwi also has grate features like entity component system, multi touch support, state management, file management and loading.



PlayCanvas is also a free and open source engine to create game or application and it easy for beginners and experts. PlayCanvas provide interactive media tools to make it  fast complex games or simple product with cheap for content creation.


playcanvas - Html5 Game Engine To Create Mobile Game


PlayCanvas allows to create 3D HTML5 Game and WebGL games. PlayCanvas has good features Engagin Advertising that provide Rich Media Ads for the games created using this framework. PlayCanvas is free for only public projects and private project it required to purchase package.



PandaJs is a free HTML5 game engine to create your own game for mobile and desktop. PandaJs based on canvas or webgl and  It supports many features engine like particle engine, Tweening Engine, Physics Engine, Timers.


pandajs - free html5 game engine for mobile and desktop


PandaJs has also other features like mobile support, sound manager and code organization using module.



MelonJS is a  lightweight HTML5 Game Engine with an open-source HTML5 based community.
It allow to modify  the project or extend the framework in any way to fit your needs. MelonJS  provides a few example of already created games powered by themselves.


melonJS a lightweight HTML5 game engine


MelonJs has many features like 2D sprite based game engine, WebAudio & WebGL on supported devices, Html5 Tween & Transition Effects etc.



cocos2d-x is very powerfull and open source cross platform game development tools. cocos2d-x was only free 2d game supports at starting but now it supports 3d game and any interested to create 3d games then cocos2d-x comes in various tools and need to download according to your requirement.



puzzlescript open source html5 puzzle game engine


PuzzleScript is a html5 open source game engine specifically  designed to  make tile-based puzzle games. Its most famous tile-based puzzle game is sokoban. If some one interested to make the only puzzle games then this game engine may be very useful.

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