CSS Animation Library Require For Good Web Design

CSS animation is the need of the innovation of the touch mobile, tablet and pcs with its grate resolution and modern technology. Every website should have the good animation effect in any elements they are using on the website likes menu, buttons, sliders, custom animations.

CSS animations are very cool and smooth animations but it may required the CSS3 supports of many CSS animation library. Mostly CSS3 animation library are used for the great look of the website to catch the user eye for the particular area of the website page. We can  also say some effect to transition effect.  Many Jquery animation and transition plugins are available over the internet but here I am going to write about the CSS or JavaScript  animation libraries that will change your website look and feel to your users.

CSS animation supports only modern browser and its required that library or framework should be cross browser support. Actually HTML5  Canvas element  used in some cases of the animation effect for smooth effect of animation.

List of CSS Animation Libraries

1) Animate.css
Animate -css animation library for designer
Animate.css is good library to animation the any element of the page that works with very smooth animation.

2) Jquery Transit
jquery transit- animation library for web developement
Jquery Transit is also library for animation and it supports the transition effect and simply apply by using small code of the Jquery. It also supports 2d animation and 3d animation using both Jquery and css. Many small example given in the provided link above you can take reference from it.

3) Bouncejs
bouncejs - css animation library for web designer
Bounce.js is a JavaScript  tool and library and it allow us to create beautiful CSS3 animations.

4) velocity
velocity javscript - css animation library for web designer
Velocity is called an animation engine and it works as the same API as jQuery’s $.animate(). One major benefit of this it works without Jquery. Velocity supports color animation, transforms, svg animation and scrolling animation.

5) sequencejs
sequencejs.com responsive css animation library for web designer
Sequencejs is the responsive CSS animation framework. Sequencejs is also good framework for creating sliders and presentations and banner animation. One drawback is its free for only personal and open source use. If you want for commercial use then you required to pay some money.

Use of libraries are not limited to only the elements animation but those are very good for the animated banner creation and CSS3 banner animation are the key demand today after flash not supports on mobile and tablets.

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