Facebook login is the simple process and its required the just your email address which you was entered at time of creation and the password.  I think most of the person are using the Facebook and they already logged in so the don;t need to login every day. This article is for the new people who are new to Facebook and want to know more about the Facebook login.

facebook login

How to Login Facebook?

1) Go to facebook.com or click here to open the Facebook login window.
2) In Facebook page you can see the login box at the top right corner of the window. see the below image of the login window.
3) Enter the email address and password.
4) Facebook also provides the keep me logged in feature to keep login active every time you open the Facebook window.
5) Click on the login button then Facebook will check the login and redirect to the Facebook home page after the successful login.

Facebook login is not limited to only the Facebook website but today Facebook login are implemented on the many website using the Facebook api and many big website application used the Facebook api to provide the login function without the use of the registration in their website by just accessing the key provided by the Facebook login api.


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