Grow Your Business With Google Adwords

Google AdWords is one of the most online advertising program offer by Google company. According to the king kong sabri suby, Google AdWords is also easiest and better advertising program to get new customers and to grow your business.

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How Google AdWords Works?

You can choose that where your ad appears and set the budget with you want to spend for ads. One of the most benefits to use Google AdWords is that it has no minimum spending amount and you can pause ads or stop ads anytime when you are not required to put your ads. When some one write keywords in google search then your ads will appear if it match with your ads keywords.

how google adwords work


How keyword works in AdWords?

Keywords are words that are used to match your ads when people are searching for ads on Google Search. When you select high quality and relevant keywords for your advertising campaign that can help you to get reach customers you want.

For example if you are running any website that pay for working from home then you just need to set “work from home” in our AdWords campaign. So when any people type “work from home” in Google Search, your ad will be appear on the search results depending on your daily budget and targets location set.

Negative Keywords

If you do not want to show your ads when people write keyword which is not fully related to your ads keyword. Suppose if you sell only dogs food and some one search for cat foods and you don;t want to show ads for this keywords. You can add cat as negative keywords so your ads will be not appear when some one search for the cat foods in google search.

Google AdWords

How much you need to pay for ads?

If you have created keywords for selecting keywords then you are willing to pay every time a people click on your ads and Its called the CPC (cost-per-click) in advertising fields. I suggest that you need to choose most related keywords for your business that can help you to keep maintain low CPC for your ads.

Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords

It can help you to find unique customer from Google Search. You ads only appear when peoples really look for what they want and they write the keywords which only related to your keywords. It can save money from giving ads to any other ads platform who give ads on third party website and it may be happened that the ads show on third party website is not related to your business needs.

You can control your budget with the option of setting daily budget and default budget for you campaign. In short you have control to pay money for the advertisement. Google AdWords help you in controlling money and you can get more customer for your business when ever you need and setting budge for ads.

I think you are completely understand about the Google AdWords from the above article but if you have not cleared yet then you can also read more about Google AdWords from Google Website Help. Google AdWords not only help you in finding new customer but it can also help you in finding the new keywords and related keywords for your business.


With help of Google AdWords your website SEO will increase. You think how your website SEO rank will increase? Then I want to  tell you that when some one visit your website from google search many of them are unique visitors and comes from unique IP and from all over the world  or targeted location. The number of visit will increase then your website SEO rank will increase.

If you start a new campaign then you use the keyword planner to find the High ranking keyword with free of cost in Google AdWords. Online tool like SEMrush take cost for this type of services and you use free of cost in Google AdWords. If you have good idea of using keyword planner tool in Google AdWords then you can find new keyword for your website and can improve your website SEO by using those keywords in website pages and  marketing by writing blog . In short you can get many benefits from Google AdWords that can grow your business.

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