How to manage your twitter account settings to secure your twitter account

Twitter account is very important for the twitter user. Twitter allow to manage the twitter account settings for the personalize according to user needs and twitter user can customize their profile and can secure twitter account if user know some useful features to allow or not allow person,  people can also revoke access of the specific apps he don’t need.

secure twitter account


You need to keep watch for any kind of tweets send by the user that display on your timeline but if you have to time to watch then you can use the twitter account settings to allow other people to tag you. For every social media website you need keep secure your accounts from the many other unwanted tweets or post from your timeline.

Here are some steps from which you can easily manage some security and email notification setting which can help you for twitter accounts related information.

1) Twitter Security and Privacy:

You can open security and privacy by pressing the twitter settings menu from your profile photo at top right side corner as shown in the above screen.

remove unwanted apps from twitter settings


It will open the first option security and privacy. You can set that your account is accessible using the password or login code, reset password using your personal information. One most important points is twitter tagging if you want to block tagging from other user to your twitter profile account then you can set only allow for people you follow or can set don’t allow to any one to tag in photos.

twitter security and privacy settings


You can also tick mark to protect your tweets and add location to your tweet using the tweet privacy and tweet location.

2) Email Notification Settings:


change email notification on twitter settings


Email notification enables to twitter to sends emails to you. Some times its penny that if all email settings are enabled when thousand of twitter follower you have but in some case it helps by notifying as an email regarding who follow you, who has send tweet etc. Twitter allow the email notification settings such as when some one like your tweet, some mentioned you in list, send twitter direct message, your tweets are re tweeted, some one emails a tweet etc..

3) Block Account Settings:


twitter settings for blocked account


If some follower tweets which are not suitable to you then you can blocked the some accounts and you can manage that blocked account from the Blocked accounts settings. You can block or unblock any accounts here by pressing the blocked button and user of blocked twitter account can’t follow you and also can not view your profile when he is logged in twitter.

4) Apps Settings:


revoke access of apps from twitter account settings


Twitter provide great API to access the user twitter account for application developed for twitter related or any other application and if you sign in with twitter account to any application and allow grant access then that app can access your profile, follower and unfollower details, tweets and many things which Twitter API allow to access. If you think the application is not useful for you then you can revoke access from that app by pressing the revoke access button as marked with green rectangle and you can secure account from any unwanted application.

If you read carefully the all setting points then you can secure your twitter account by checking the above simple tips and apply to your twitter account as per your requirement.


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