How to sell your product online without your own website In India

Online shopping growth has been increased in India. Some years ago its was not happened but now any one can buy most of product at home by just on one click. Anyone can also sell their product online without having website. I know many people aware of about this but this article will help the people who really don’t know more about the online shopping business and doing the offline business. Give your business the exposure it deserve by dominating the rankings on google checkout our web optimization.


start selling online without having website


Online shopping has been rapidly increased and every one need to start selling product and can increase their product sell and grow your business. At beginner level it required some information about how they can sell their product online without having website. First of all you need to find the best online shopping website in India and then check which of them allow you to register as the seller.

One thing I want to know some of people become millionaire and some of has started to take big godown to deliver for their product every day order. I think you know some of this people one of them is Pratik Doshi and he is founder of the Cheeky Chunk  who started selling an umbrella online and he was successful buy selling small item on other online shopping. But it was not easy to sell simple black umbrella’s to lots off customer but he has used him creative design idea and start selling creative design umbrella’s and know as Cheeky Chunk Umbrella’s can find more details on google.

You can build your own eCommerce website to like online shopping website and start selling your product online. This idea is good but I want to know that you can build your own website but how you get more customer on your own website? It required lots of efforts and required to spend lots of money and then it may become popular your website in Indian market and google search engine. For more knowledge about successful eCommerce business you can visit the following link:

I suggest that you don’t need to spend money on creating website instead you can just register as seller on online shopping website who allow to sell the product. I suggest this option because you don’t need to find the customer and marketing. There are already lots of customer on the shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart and SnapDeal . These three website also allow you to register as seller account in online shopping website in India and I have listed the link of those website you just need to click on it and then register as seller and fill the required information.

  1.  Sell online on Flipkart
  2. Sell online in SnapDeal
  3. Sell online in Amazon

After that you need to add your product on those website with selecting suitable category with your product. One main thing you required to it cost. It little bit hard because you need to compare the other dealer’ price and need to keep with it comparative. Then you need to check how much you will cost with Currier charges, tax etc..

Its not the end of the this topics but it can be huge discussion but i think above is enough for to start selling online and every once can do it once start and can learn with the time. In short i want to say that if you want to grow your online business then you need to find best product which is may be not available on online store but if available then you can give some creative or attractive product to catch the new customer once you got any order and review then your online store will be start.


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