How To Send Twitter Direct Message

Many people use for twitter for reading just tweet from popular entrepreneur or their fan and use for just enjoy, But today twitter become more power full social media website for social media marketing promotional by doing simple task of sharing tweet.

Social media expert use the Twitter Hashtag for Marketing Material Promotional and they also use the Twitter direct message its generally called the twitter private message. Twitter are not limited to only just tweet, but many people are crazy to Get More Twitter Follower and they try many online tools like Twinds to get free Twitter Followers.

If you are beginner to twitter and not know about how to send direct message on twitter then this article will help you to learn step by step tutorial of how to send direct message on twitter and twitter messages are used to individually promote your social content to your follower directly by twitter message.

twitter direct message

You can send twitter direct message to your contacts its same like tweets and @twitter user name. Twitter direct message only visible to the particular recipient and its limited to only 140 characters.

See the below steps to send twitter direct message:

1) Step1:

Login into twitter account and then find the icon with message text at right side of that icon as shown on below screen and click on that icon it will display the popup.

Direct Message Twitter


2) Step2:

After the twitter diret message popup window open you need to find the twitter follower to whih you want to send the twitter direct message as show in the below screen. After you find and selected the twitter follower name click on next button.

twitter private message


3) Step3:

Now you can see the screen window at shown below with one input box and send button at below of this box and you can write any content you want to share for your promotional content. But i think you can ask some question or write interesting content show your following must see and can take any action and your goal can be success.

how to private message on twitter

I think many people aware about this twitter direct message sending and if even they know about Twitter Private Message sending but rare percent of people use this twitter messages features. It can impact on Twitter Marketing if you use proper method of the promoting content through twitter direct message.

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