How To Upload Videos on Youtube

Many people say  name about YouTube first when its talking  about videos because I don’t think any person who use internet not know about YouTube. But it may be happened that every one not know about How to upload videos on YouTube.

How to upload videos on youtube

If we are using the Web Hosting services to upload video then web hosting required more space according to video file size and and number of videos to be uploads. Even you need to pay for the hosting charges to upload videos on  web hosting cost.  If you got this type of features without any cost then why you should not use YouTube Video Upload Features to upload your videos.

Before we start It require verified google account. If you have not created yet google account yet then you can create new google account using this link. If you have already google means Gmail account then you need to sign in first. you can use this google sign in link.

Step by step guide to upload video on YouTube:

Step 1:

If you login on Gmail account as discussed above open the Youtube Website in your browser.

Step 2:

Click on the Upload button which in the upper left corner of the screen and or if you have created YouTube channel then navigate to My Channel or you can upload directly using that Upload Icon.

How to upload video on youtube


Step 3:

After you click on upload button new window will be open to select the video from your computer storage then you just need to select the particular video which you want to upload on YouTube.

upload video on youtube


Step 4:

Final and last steps to complete video upload on YouTube. In last step you required to publish the video but before that you need to require to input the Video Title, Video Description and Tags related to videos.

publish video on youtube channel

I suggest that you find better sentence for video title which identify your video and its content. This is important because it can be easily search on YouTube and Google search and your video get more views. Now finally you can press publish button to publish and completion of video on YouTube.

One more thing I want to tell you that video uploaded on YouTube is not only used for business but you can earn money from YouTube account if your video get more view and you can earn royalty income from YouTube.

To earn money from YouTube you need to required the Google Adsense account which need to be configured into your YouTube channel. Its also required that you have created YouTube channel and all video are under that channel. Also you need to monetize your video before you Earn Money an configure Google Adsense account in YouTube website.

One more benefit of uploading video on YouTube is that you can share videos on different social media by just sharing video URL into Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus social media networking website.

Now a day we use technology like mobile phones and tablets we can record video when we go any place and then we need to share video to friends then its complex to send video to every friends instead of this we can just upload it on YouTube and then we can share the link of that video to any friends using social networking websites.

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