How to Verify Address PIN by Google Adsense Help

As we know to receive checks or payment from Google Adsense Account It require to verify the address by entering the address PIN provided by the Google Adsense. You will be required to verify your PIN only after your account balance reaches verification threshold link provided by Google Adsense Help.  Address PIN verification is also one part of the Google Adsense Approval without it your Adsense account can’t be complete.

Google Adsense Address PIN Verification

Have your problem in verifying pin or have you problem in receiving the pin from Google then this article will help regarding where your are doing mistakes to verify pin or getting pin from Google. Its important to verify your postal address by Address Pin Verification without it you can Earn Money and Google will stop display ads in your website or blog after some dollar reaches in your Google Adsense account.

If you have problem with PIN from Google then you should read this link Problems with PIN which will completely guide about What is Pin and Why address PIN verification required before getting payment from the Google.

After reading above steps you does not get any solution or where you are doing mistakes, then you should read Address verification troubleshooting (PIN).

I was also suffering from address verification due because i can’t Get the PIN to my address which i was applied before 3 to 4 months. But I don’n think its problem in sending PIN from Google.

Problem Regarding Wrong Address

After some time i was not received the Address PIN to verify the Google Adsense then I look again on the my address entered on the Google Adsense Profile. Then i see i was done big mistake that I was not entered the Flat No but I was entered the Full Address.

I was realized that a small mistake which you can’t see even If you are a good blogger. Because I am read and write but not point out that mistakes and Then i was edited my address again with Flat No and applied again for address Pin which google send upon request.

If you don’t know about How the envelop looks for Address Pin send by Google then you can see the link to see Envelop Front side and back end side and its clearly displayed on PIN mailer example by Google Adsense Help.

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