Oppo N3 smartphone has been lunched and it has some exciting new features. It’s the new innovation in this generation technologies.
Oppo N3 Mobile comes with 5.50-inch 1080×1920 display resolution. Oppo N3 Mobile has 2.5GHz processor with 2 gb RAM.


OPPO N3 Mobile Phone By OPPO Company


Oppo N3 Mobile Phones supports the 16-megapixel rear camera but this camera is not fixed orientation. Oppo N3 Mobile Phone camera motorize swivel camera that takes automatic panoramic shot of high quality pictures and also take the quality of the salfies.


OPPO N3 Mobile Phone With Rotation Camera


Oppo N3 Mobile has one new features in smart phone of its camera that can take selfies without having to flip the mobile phone. Oppo N3 Mobile provide the 206° of rotation invites the world to adjust their focus and open up a new chapter in visual lifestyle.
It has one more features of the Touch the Face of Clarity  and the Everything at a Fingertip with Touch Access.  We can see and beter understand from the below pics.


OPPO N3 Mobile Phone With Fingertip Touch Access


In short Oppo N3 smartphone has new features like Control the rotation of the camera and some are common features take photos and play music even when you’re away from the device.

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