These Hacks Can Help You Increase Your Opt-in Page Conversions

As a business owner, you have already known that getting more and more audience to opt-in to your email list is not an easy task at all. Probably, you will get more signups via this trick, but the real trick is to get more website visitors through your opt-in landing page.

Increase Your Opt-in Page Conversions

The main goal of designing your opt-in landing page is to get more visitors to subscribe for your emails or newsletters. In reality, it is much easier said than done. Here I’ve discussed some amazing tips and tricks to get your visitors to your opt-in landing page to convert or sign up.

Provide What Your Customers Want

There a myriad of ways your visitors can land on your opt-in page. They probably click on a contact form within the site, they might click-through from another site, or they may arrive by clicking on an ad. Irrespective of the way they opt for to land on your website, your landing page should provide what they are looking for and meet their expectations.

For instance, if your AdSense ad claims “Get professional web design services”, when users click on it and they land on a restaurant website, think what will happen next? Obviously, they will quickly abandon the website. And there is no point of feeling disappointed if your page didn’t meet your and your customers’ expectations.

I know I mentioned an extreme example here, but the purpose is to explain “provide what your customers want”. Visitors usually don’t come to your opt-in page accidentally, they really want something from your website. So, make the most out of this opportunity, provide exactly what they are hoping to achieve when they clicked through.

Use Images Instead of Words

Usually, buttons have the real power to convert better than text based links. For example, if your CTA is “request a quote”, try using a button with this text, instead of using a simple text link. You have more room to play around with colors, size, fonts, text and placement of your CTA buttons. You will wonder how doing some small tweaks in your landing page can increase your conversion rate.

Offer Less Distractions

When a visitor lands on your page, you expect only one thing from them: sing up or subscribe to your emails. This means that every single design element of your landing page should lead them to this goal. You only job is to ensure nothing on your landing page distracts your visitors from this goal.

  • Remove the sidebar option as single column opt-in pages have more potential to convert better.
  • Don’t add links to other service page of your website, because chances are if they leave the page, they will never come back.
  • You can also remove the main navigation from the top to captivate your visitors to stay longer.

Add Testimonials

Most online marketers use testimonials on product landing pages, but overlook the importance of using such testimonials on opt-in pages. It is important to tell people how your products can provide benefit to them and why they should sign up. Including unbiased reviews of third party can do wonders.

If you have received positive feedback from your subscribers/customers, quote them on your opt-in page. If possible, use photos and videos as well as their full name to add to the credibility of the testimonial.

Less is Always More

According to different surveys, less information you ask for your visitors/subscribers/customers, the better. When people see a long, intricate opt-in form, they will surely not fill this form as they don’t have time for this. Some feel like it not worth sharing their important personal details.

So, the solution is make your lead form simple, quick and painless, follow the guides by Red Rain SEO and you won’t fail. Ask only what is absolutely necessary. In majority of cases asking name and email address is enough.

Clearly Define What They Get

In this fierce business world where every single website is asking for users’ emails, make it very clear to them that what is unique in it for them. It is simply not enough to ask, “Join the email list”. Ask yourself what unique strategy, information, webinars, infographics, eBook, blog posts, tools, or guide can your visitors receive if they join to your email list. Create a list of benefits and mention all of them in your opt-in page.

Test What Works Best for Your Business

The key is to make some tweaks in your opt-in page to see what works best for your business. You can try and test different design elements on your page such as:

  • Use visually appealing, persuasive images.
  • Use appealing CTA buttons that trigger emotional response.
  • Focus on your headline, make it more catchy.
  • Change the placement of your CTAs
  • Improve the overall design of your page

Trust me, sometimes doing small changes can dramatically increase your conversion rates, so don’t be afraid to try even the minor tweaks can do wonders.

Final Words

Following these easy tips will certainly help you create a perfect opt-in page for your business that will not only help you get more visitors but also help you improve your conversion rate.

Saher Naseem

The blog has been penned by Saher Naseem @SaherNaseemD a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion. She is currently working as a brand strategist and content crafter at Dubai Monsters that is an independent Dubai web design agency, specialized in web design and web development, corporate branding and custom logo designing services.