What Is A Backlink

Backlink definition: Backlink is a link which is received from any website page, blog page, directory page or any server domain. Simply backlink is a hyperlink which redirect to any website or domain. When its come to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), every people can hear the word Backlink and its very important part of the SEO and website ranking.

what is backlink

Backlinks are differ from their behavior and we determine its like incoming link, lnlink, inbound links etc. which are incoming links to website. Every type of backlink has different role in search engine optimization.

Search engines like google,yahoo or bing use backlink factor  to determine the website’s ranking. Generally as many backlink to your website, website page rank is grater. Many factors that determine the value of backlink and backlinks are highly valuable when its genuine and its related to the topic of website from which backlink is generated. In short backlink is relevant to the keywords topic then its impact become higher on the search engine rankings.

After reading the above discussion, I think you understand What is Backlink? and How backlink work for the website ranking on search engine like google, yahoo and bing. If you are new to SEO and don;t know where you can check your website backlinks then see the Free Backlink Checker post.

Now a days backlinks become popular and its become business to increase the traffic by providing the service like Backlink Booster, Buy Backlinks, Backlink Builders etc.

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