Why Google Search Display Wrong Title of Web Page

Every website page should have the page title and meta title tag. If the web page title not set in any website or blog pages then Google Search Engine should able to display the correct title of the web page.

It’s may be happened that Search Engine likes Google, Bing or yahoo display wrong title of web page. It’s required the knowledge of web page title to display correct page title in Google Search Engine and you need to understand more about What is Page Title Tag?

I got idea about this when I was checking my blog Web Knowledge Free In Google Search Engine then I have seen my blogs pages not display the correct page title because I was inserted wrong page title and meta title. See the below screen of Web Knowledge Free Blog taken at the time when it display wrong page title.

google search display wrong title when problem in blog meta title


You think whats its effect on the google search engine when google display the wrong page title? But i think it affect your website traffics if  web page title is wrong and people search for free resume templates and your web pate title start with web knowledge free then google will not give priority to display the defined website page. It may be happened that your Website Seo Ranking goes down due to wrong page title.
I research more every day and spend more time to Learn SEO and some day before I found mistake on meta title of the my blog page and I found the issue and solved it to display the correct page title on google search engine.


google search display correct title with corrected blog meta title


You can see this in above screen that some pages has solved the issue but some is remaining. But i want to say google search engine takes some time to display the correct web page title because of website data updates on google search engine.
The page Title issue solved for my blog but it may be happened some times this issue not solved for some page of website. At this time no one can help if you and if you will try to contact google then still they can’t help you because its google search engine work on algorithm.
If your problem not solve by Google then it may be happened that Google trying to describe your website better way by giving such title if we were given not suitable title for website page. But i think it may be solved when your website refresh over the internet after some time when your website got lots of hits after the meta title changed in all website page.

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