Why Logistics Companies Need Mobile Application?

The whole world is undergoing a global transformation caused by modern technologies. Mobile apps and websites make real revolution in businesses and organizations and bring them to the next level of development with less to no limits, especially if they have this Google Advertising company help them out, To learn more about our website and mobile development checkout web design in Perth. Another thing that every business needs is insurance, especially if there are risks of an employee getting injured. RhinoSure Insurance would be great for them. Today, one cannot ignore the growth of interest to mobile technologies and the benefits they bring within. As the result, more and more companies have simplified the way they work with the help of mobile apps. Any employee when using an enterprise mobile app can personalize it according to their needs and preferences, turning their smartphones into powerful tool for the workplace.

Logistic companies are not an exception when talking about mobile apps invasion. While old-school approach and lots of paperwork still reign in major logistics companies, mobile technologies get more popularity among those who really care about their business.

The profitability of many businesses depends upon logistics. Due to huge body of data that needs to be analyzed and general demand for fast data manipulation, the old approach cannot compete with upcoming tendencies any more. Automatizing the all possible logistics processes should be the main aim of logistics company. We have learned how logistics companies will benefit from using mobile apps in their daily routine.

Optimization of Paperwork Processes

It is difficult to calculate how much time can be saved from replacing all operations done on paper with mobile technology. No more paper reports, analyses, calculations and other waste paper. Image your data is safely stored on electronic device and can be removed if required with one click.

The app can help the warehouse workers eliminate or avoid errors or inaccuracies with are inevitable when the data is put in manually. Besides, a number of unnecessary stages of the process can be removed. No more need to go back and forth in the warehouse with the only one task to check the item information and put it down. It will be no surprise to see all the old truck scales for sale in the coming months, this new technology will take over in every warehouse. It can also lessen the travel time and truck accident cases. For those truck drivers who are currently dealing with a crash problem, look for Tate Law Offices.

Improved Transportation Work

A lion’s part of logistics company success lies on well-organised transportation work, which in turn divides in the following aspects.

  1. Vehicles management
  2. Drivers management
  3. Cargoes
  4. Fuel management

A software designed exactly for means of your company can help you to easily organize and manage all these processes. A great number of tasks can be completed within the app. For example, you can track the current vehicle’s’ condition, the amount of fuel, the last trip etc. Using GPS functionality you can track whether your drivers follow the route, if they come on time or there are delays. With the help of mobile app you can make changes to the driver’s route. The driver will get a quick notification and know what has been changed.

You will have an easy access to driver’s’ schedule and make changes quickly. By implementing statistics you will see the work of your team, you weak points or advantages. This will help you to optimize the work of the whole company and improve your image.

A Better Organized Delivery Process

The same as other spheres of logistics, improvement of delivery process can be split into 2 parts. First of all using mobile app gives your workers an ability to do their work faster and makes it less tiresome. One average warehouse worker makes up to 30 round walks within the day in order to print the labels or check the details about the delivery.

With mobile app designed according to your needs, all information can be available with a couple of finger taps. There is a great number of tasks your workers can do within the app:

  • Track the delivery
  • Scan barcodes
  • Check the inventory
  • Check supply records
  • Check the history of any item
  • Excel data import
  • Create and restore backup copy
  • Make changes to certain categories

But not only your company will win from using mobile app. Your customers will get an access to track their parcels in real time. Customers that are informed about each stage their delivery comes through. Is there anything more satisfying than their positive feedbacks?


Happy Customers

Reputation and customers loyalty is the result of long-term relationship which cannot be built in one day. It is important to not only meet the customers’ expectations but to foresee their wishes or even tell them what to wish. With the mobile app your customers can be informed about possible changes or news about your company. They can easily leave their feedback and get a prompt reply, rate your work and know they will be heard. With the ranking system you will be able to get a real survey about your work and thus an ability to improve it.

To motivate your customers to use the app you can offer some bonuses for registering the account in your system. A well thought-out loyalty program will make your new customers to be your return customers for years.


To summarize, here is the list of advantages a mobile app provides:

  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Database management (search, immediate request confirmation, items history, backup copy, etc)
  • GPS tracking in real time (drivers and delivery tracking)
  • Schedule management
  • Barcode scanner

Of course building an app for logistics company from scratch is not an easy task. And if you decide your company needs an app designed exactly according to your requirements, you need to be ready for time and money investment. While you are making your decision you can download and test different apps that are already existing on the market. Thus, you can test different functions and know exactly would would work the best in your case. Good luck!