7 Steps To start successful freelance careers

Freelancer is good platform that works with employers and clients. To start freelancing is easy but its hard to maintain and deliver work. If you are expert in specific fields start your freelancer carrier in that fields then it will be easy for you and there is now limit that how much you can earn online from your home.

7 Steps To start successful freelance careers infographics

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You can start freelancing ever if you are doing job and you can earn handsome side income online that can be useful to enjoy your life with extra money. Many companies not allow to do any freelancing work so you need to remember and should follow that strategies.

Short story about my Freelancer carrier:

As my personal experience when I started my carrier as freelancer I got the project of $15 to change only music player issue in flash, just check this link right here now. It was tough at first with such a low income but fortunately nation21loans offered me some good options if you read the article. I have done that at late night approximate 12:30PM and Its a great start for me. After that i got many project from that client and i don’t need to look back for work. Its real story and if any one want to cross check then I am also going to know more about client.

John Gleneicki founder of Titan Creative Group is one of the most favorite client and he always trying to me keep busy with their work and its one of the great resource for me and His make my life fantastic but all is due to my regular updates and my hard work.

Steps to build successful freelance careers:

1) Build Good Resume and Portfolio:

You need build good resume and portfolio. You can find some good resume of popular freelancer and make portfolio with some demo project on your server. Once you have a good portfolio then chances to get project awarded will be greater then other who have low quality portfolio. If you are fresher and not done any projects then you can include your school projects or any trainee projects in your portfolio.

2) Make Your Contacts:

Mention certificate in your resume if you acquire any special certifications or titles held by any university, any private organization or any exam certification that will make your profile better than other freelancer, and if you don’t own one yo may one to start looking for one, at U Master Exam you can get tons of help to get the best score. Contact the local or any organization and help them for any small task that will lead you to the big projects.

Contact with your friends and other family member and know them about your freelancing work they will lead to other contacts.

3) Price Yourself

Search for projects relevant to your experience and start bidding on projects. If you are aware of freelancing website you can see the my previous article in which i have written basic guide for freelance.

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Once you start getting projects then its a time to build price for project or services you provide. Once you have solid portfolio then you can increase your price effectively but never compromise with price because its make most important to your experience level. If you have done this one time then client will be ask you many time to do in less price.

Sometime it will be chapped that you need to satisfied with price with some clients and then you can comprise for clients who provide you regular work and not put any burden over your with tight deadline and I suggest you need to keep some client with friendly relation because they will give you first priority even if there are many freelancer and you can survive from that client even there is any recession in the area you are working.

4) Flexibility & Your Time

One most important factor i want to discuss is that value your time and decide how you are worth per hour because some client pay per hour and need to define your cost per hour. Make some flexible price range for your client needs.

Before you submit the proposal you need to watch the clock, calculate approximate time, complexity of project, pricing for that projects. Deliver high quality work and never compromise with work because it will down your profile and always speak truth about the work to get more leads for that client.

It also matters that you manage your income responsibly if you’re working freelance. However, if you do find yourself in a pinch until your next paycheck, resources at https://citrusnorth.com/no-credit-check-loans/ can help.

5) Communication with Your Client:

You need to communicate well with your client because its great resource to build your carrier as freelancer. Its essential requirement and make long term relationship with client. Never make bad relation with any client even if you are not interested to work again with that client because sometimes old client will be grate resource for you in future.

Keep communicate regularly with your client and provide project updates and work progress, response to their emails, try to make immediate answer if possible and that make good impression of you.

6) Spread Your Profile With world:

Don’t keep your profile private and make it public with your family, friends and other people because the more people know about your freelancing work you can get more work and it will help to build your reputation over the world.

7) Ask For Feedback:

After successful completion of project you can ask for feedback and review to your client. Its key to make your profile up to other competitors. If you make client happy then definitively client will make positive feedback and recommended you to other client.

At the end I want to know more about different types of to start carrier as freelancing you can start like Webdesign Freelancing carrier, SEO freelancer career,  freelance writing career, Freelance as Creative Designer, UI freelancer etc.  Its depends on you to find best freelance career suitable with your experiences.


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