Best Jquery Range Slider That Can Be Used As Price Range Slider Control

Range slider is a very useful control to provide function between to range of numbers that can be easily selected using the control rather than manually enter the amount. Here I am going to write list of some popular Jquery range slider that can be easily integrated withing any programmatic language into your website page.

If you are using the ready made open source CMS like Megento, opencart, Shopify then it may be have inbuilt function of range control but if you are developing custom product website then the following Jquery range slider can be used.


best Jquery range sliders


Its good Technic to use the Range control for any features that required the selection of something between two numbers like price range for shopping website, volume range for media player, price range for the specific plan for the services etc.

1) Jquery UI range slider



popular jquery price range slider


Jquery UI range slider is a basic range slider control and its very easy to integrate in your website page. Its various themes which cane be obtained from the Jquery UI website. It support both minimum and maximum value set.

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2) Ion RangeSlider Jquery Plugin


jquery ion rangeSlider plugin

ion.rangeSlider is a cool and responsive range slider. It purely made with the use of Jquery. Ion rangeSlider can be  easily customizable range slider with variety of the different looks. Its supports the  events and public methods and It has flexible settings and can be completely altered with Jquery and  CSS.

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3) Jslider by egorkhmelev


jQuery Slider plugin by egorkhmelev

Jquery Slider is also very slick range slider. Its multi functional Jquery plugin and good for webkit based touch mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

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4) Jquery UI Flat slider


Flat Slider -style jquery ui range slider


Flat slider is also basic Jquery UI range slider but it allow to style the Jquery range slider as per your need  of color and background that can be suitable as your website templates.

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5) Round Slider Plugin


Roundsliderui free jquery plugin


Round slider is also called Circular slider or  Radial slider and it is a  free Jquery slider plugin. Round slider  allows to select a value or range of values that can be easily selected for the price range or volume range for the player.

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