How to Build an Inbound Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Creating a perfect inbound marketing strategy for your business can be challenging enough. While most entrepreneurs are emphasizing on boosting their ranking or writing a lot of blog posts, there are still plenty of other options available. The latest digital marketing goes far beyond writing interesting blog posts and placing targeted keywords.

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If you are thinking to develop your digital marketing strategy but not sure where to start, read these effective inbound marketing tips that will help your business grow. Eterpro is a Digital Marketing Agency in Nashville. Eterpro expands businesses in Nashville.

Revamp Your Website Design

Having a frequently updated website is important for your business when it comes to inbound marketing. While most of your visitors won’t bother to check the copyright date on your homepage, but they are more savvy and can easily identify whether your website is responsive, or how quickly respond to your customer queries. You must follow the latest web design trends to stay ahead of the competition. This is most important to look professional and up-to-date to attract more and more users towards your website.

Hire professional web designers or web design agencies and discuss with them the latest trending designs to come up with a perfect business website design. Brands don’t need to undergo a website redesign every day, but you should frequently analyze the structure and follow the latest design trends to make sure your website design looks fresh, up-to-date and appealing.

Don’t Afraid to Modify Your Plan

Techniques of inbound marketing are effective if they work well. In some industries, standard methods either don’t perform well or considered simply ineffective. For instance, short and concise blog posts would not have the same impact on how to, guide and tutorial-based websites. Though the ideal blog post length is 400 to 800, but you shouldn’t be afraid to cross the limit for the sake of providing value-rich information.

In some cases, writing more than 1000 words can work best to drive traffic, engage users, generate leads and decrease bounce rate. Many website visitors only want their queries answered and will read interestingly what you write if it solves their issues. Writing engaging content irrespective to the length, keyword count, and other SEO techniques can simply be the perfect way to develop long-term relationship with your readers.

Provide Discount Offers

According to , one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques that has become very famous in the past few years is providing multiple offers to entice a large number of prospects. While multiple offers are still effective for digital marketing campaigns, brands need to focus on the offers that are affordable and attractive as well.

Take a careful look at your basic plan or services you offer and then evaluate the real value.

Determine some ways to enhance this value to entice new users. Though it can be tempting for business owners to set your customer base and offer packages only to those who regularly buy, offering a small reward or incentive can go a long way. It is recommended to experiment with a sample-size offer or adding a small bonus, or a discount offer. The better the offer seems, consumers are more likely to respond.

Don’t be afraid to eradicate offers that just are not working, even if you feel the plan is needed to rationalize your price. For instance, if your basic plan or most advanced package are performing well, you may not need to offer any other package at all. But if your basic package is not performing well but your medium and advanced packages are, then try modifying the basic plan or simply remove it completely.

Influencer Marketing

Since it is still possible to declare yourself as an influencer in your niche, but influencers and thought leaders have a pre-existing, massive following. Figuring out and associating yourself with key influencers within your industry is an amazing way to increase your followers and customer-base.

All you need to simply contacting an influencer and tell them about your services and offerings to get them talking about your brand. You can offer them a few sample of your products and demonstration of your services.

You don’t need to bother about the number of followers, as each follower is highly engaged with the influencer, they are more likely to engage with your brand. This can be a great way to boost website traffic, drive leads and simply grow your online presence.

Focus on Customer-Centricity, Not Advertisement

Opting for the right marketing technique for your business is indeed a difficult task. Consumers are much more savvy and they are far less likely to follow people who simply advertise their products. But this doesn’t mean you can’t market your products or services on social media, it means you need to be very smart and use valuable, engaging content.

Emphasizing more on users and how they respond to your services is important for any inbound marketing campaign. Show how your existing consumers are reacting to your offerings. Check out if someone posts any reaction, like or share your post.

Moreover, focusing on customer base, you should also focus on providing solutions to common problems your consumers come across. Provide your consumers with solutions that they can use to improve their experience with your brand. By doing so, you are increasing your loyal, returning customers and showcasing prospects that you truly care about them.

Check Your Metrics Regularly

Inbound marketing has become a very effective and standard process and there are a number of online tools and marketing services available to help your business out. Utilize tools like Google Analytics to track your social media marketing campaigns and find out what works best and what doesn’t.

Besides tracking fundamental metrics, you must analyze which techniques bring you more ROI and leads. Sometimes the cheapest inbound marketing tactic can bring the biggest ROI. For instance, if a digital marketing campaign is not working properly as you predicted, don’t feel obligated to continue it.

Many online marketing services allow you to withdraw campaigns and apply the funding to a different advertisement. In fact, most PPC offers allow you to change quickly or only change you daily. This allows you to adjust your campaigns as required to get only the high-quality results.

Over to You

Believe it or not, inbound marketing is a very intricate process, but there are a myriad of simple tips and tricks that can do wonders for your business. Incorporate any of these techniques and enjoy the bottom line.

Saher Naseem

The blog has been penned by Saher Naseem @SaherNaseemD a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion. She is currently working as a brand strategist and content crafter at Dubai Monsters that is an independent Dubai web design agency, specialized in web design and web development, corporate branding and custom logo designing services.