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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process or the activity of improving the ranking of a website or optimizing web pages in search engines. Search engine optimization makes the sites to more searchable to the user on the web. The higher or more frequently displayed web sites on any search engine like google,yahoo or bing , it expected to more number of users visitor.


search engine optimization to boost business


If you want that your site will be more searchable on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine or want more traffic then you must want to know about the SEO and also need to understand the better idea what your market looking for and what kind of the your business requirement needed by the user.

Before starting work on SEO you need to understand the how search engines work, and which kind of keywords searched by user and what kind of website search by people.

SEO is also known as the optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine friendly. SEO is the key requirement for the every brand and product to get more leads over by getting more unique visitor through the search engine.

There are two type of SEO required for your website:

  1. off page SEO
  2. On Page SEO



Today each website owner need to spend lots of money to get their website in the top ten result of the google. They need to hire the SEO employee or need to give the SEO work to the It companies or can use the freelancer for the cheap cost. Without the SEO any website can’t more traffic before the invention of the good social media website like the Facebook, Twitter and pinterest.

Today SEO is not only the key requirement but the social media is also the same requirement to promote the brand or product over the social media. Many percent of the traffic come from the social media website today and also it will be increased in the future. So as per the my view I can say both SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and SMO ( Social Media Optimization) key requirement of the every website.

If you can spend some money for your brand and product and want to get more unique customer then you can choose the Google Adwords to boost your business on google search and its the best option to boost your product sell online instead of spending money to get your website link on top ton of google search. But getting new customer by spending money required every time you need to spend money instead of this its better to spend money for getting your website in top ten of google search.



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