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Keywords are the most important SEO element for every website to get rank on search engine. All search engine focus on the mainly keyword and according to keyword if its content are related to keywords then search engine rank the website. keyword is not only thing that search engine check its also check the rank of websites that your website link come back from those site called the backlinks.


find best seo keywords for rank


Right keywords are important for content related to your website and type of your website to find the better result on search engine. If keyword are mismatched with content then search engines like google give less rank then other with matching contents. This is why it is important to hire companies that are relevant to your niche, if you are a restaurant than hire a restaurant SEO agency if you are in finance than go for a finance agency like the one from and so on. Its important to check the content related to your website over the free online keywords checking tools. I recommended the tool which I always use before writing the any post and it can be found below:

Check High rank keywords of any website

To Increase the ranking on search engine then you must know what kind of keywords are mostly searched means you need to find the list of keyword related to your site and need to create the content,page and blog every thing related to that keyword and spot your site to people for highly ranked keyword.

Here is the list of some most searchable keywords on the internet search engines. But this short tail keywords and its very hard to get using this keywords to get high rank of your website

Facebook , google , movies, Youtube ,internet, yahoo, gmail, shopping, video
twitter, msn, software,online,insurance

You should the long tail keywords like the following example:

  • Check your website rank on shemrush
  • Free downloads games for education
  • Latest released movies of the 2016
  • New lunched Mobiles phones in 2016

To get rank on google its required to research for the what kind of keywords are popular and how many competitor of those keywords and according to its base you need to find the required keyword list and start writing on that content. Perform keyword research to find query volumes and keyword suggestions based on organic (unpaid) search data with the Keyword Research tools.

SEO is not only limited to Keywords but it required the good knowledge of the backlinks and What is SEO? and How SEO works and what kind of the algorithm used by the search engine to get the website rank on the top of first page in the google search.

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