In Past years ago we have to do physical work to find the any information about the any research.
Like if you want to get some information about the any store in market, current movie in theater, school and university in the city or other country etc.

To find those thing in past year ago approximate in before the 1998 the use of web or internet are very less and no one has idea about this. At that time it is very difficult find those details.

Now in current year there is very useful use of the web and approx many user aware about the web and internet knowledge. Now scenario is different any user can find information and knowledge about the specific things of the city or other country over the web in second. In modern life every people know the google and google is internet robot and can find the information in a second. So its increase the work time and reduce the wast time.

Web of Knowledge means the web site and application knowledge over the internet is a key service for many users. It’s not limited to only the web and technology but today its goes over the all fields like local business to the online eCommerce business. In future growth of the online business will be very huge and no one can live without the internet.


Kalpesh Patel

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